please for the love of god, tether norm and ranked mmr.

I just don't understand why this is an issue. They do it in several other mobas and most games with ranked systems. My last two games in a row read like this... my team: 2 silver 2's, 2 bronze 1's, 1 plat vs 2 plats and 3 high golds. the game before that was even worse. 4 silver 2's and a silver 3 vs 3 plats, 1 low gold, and a silver. This is just one example, but it's constant. Almost every norm game nowadays is a complete stomp one way or another because the matchmaking is so atrocious. It is very easy to make a one league max difference when queing with someone, meaning a silver 2 cannot join norms with a diamond 1. Again, this is something many games have in place, yet possibly the most known and played moba does not. I hear people say they want to play with friends, and that's fine, but the vast majority of us have friend lists that are quite large enough to play customs with our friends who are maybe 2-3 leagues above us. PLS FIX THIS RIOT. Tether ranked and norm mmr so your community can have more balanced games in general.
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