Low Diamond High Plat Jungler needing assistance..

I've reached Diamond 4 in half a season playing mostly kayn with eve and khaz as my second and third. Basically after I got diamond 4, all the games that consisted of mostly diamond players went downhill real fast. I feel like the way I used to climb to diamond doesn't help me the same way to climb in diamond. My guess is that I used to take risky plays in low elo very often which usually were rewarding. Now when I make some risky plays (invade enemy jungler, confident to 1v2, tower dive) in diamond they usually fail. I know that the players skill level in this mmr is fairly good so I'm thinking of playing really passive every game and only looking to take what's free. I know I have yet a lot to learn macro and micro wise, meaning I still don't track the enemy jungle's cs, have better vision control, take optimal paths based on who I'm looking to gank, predict where the enemy jungler will be, understand the win condition, etc.. With that said, I'm just looking for advice for what might help me to climb in low diamond to high elo as a jungler. Cheers.

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