Riot, I Think You Guys Should Be Really Careful With Buffing Bruisers' Base AD.

Okay not saying these are bad changes since I am not an expert but I would like to warn Riot about buffing up the Base AD and AD growth on bruisers. It all comes down to the issue of "stat sticking" which is why champions like Aatrox are thrown in the dumpster so they don't ruin games. By buffing their base AD stats (which translates to most abilities with AD scaling along with auto attacks) you are bringing them either closer, or above, the fine line between being broken and acceptable/weak. Instead it is my recommendation that bruisers receive more careful buffs or even mini-reworks to abilities that make their gameplay more healthy with "Can I outplay my opponent, can I play around cooldowns, etc" and less "Do I have enough damage / have enough health to outtrade my opponent by walking up to them and using a basic combo with auto attacks" For example giving an influential change to Kled without actually giving him more damage would be to change his E to _go over walls with first cast_ (This would also make it consistent with Renekton, and just about every other dash in the game). This would easily give him more power and put him into the meta without just making him hit harder and cheesing better. If something like this is too overbearing it would be easy to just nerf the cooldown. -Kled already has really powerful duels because his kit stacks up so much natural damage and resilience already One more issue I find with buffing Base AD / Base AD growth is the trinity force synergy. Since bruisers already use trinity a lot as a core item, they would be getting TON more damage from it with Base AD buffs, since trinity's spellblade scales with **200% Base AD**, and Sterak's Gauge adds an extra 50% base AD. I wouldn't be surprised if people rushed Trinity + Sterak's on champs like Olaf because his AD growth buff gives him 27 extra base AD at level 18 (1.5*18=27). With Trinity + Sterak's that translates to 2(27*1.5)=81. Yea, Olaf gets an extra **81 damage from Trinity force passive** from this buff alone (if my math checks out) Luckily Black Cleaver buffs add competition to Trinity force so we might not see it too much, but still I wouldn't like to see bruisers doing what you could consider BURST damage from these buffs. Speaking of Black Cleaver I really like that change to 30% armor pen with all six stacks. Tanks outtrading the previously dumpstered bruisers was and is a big part of the problem so this should help a lot. I would hope to see further changes to address the problem of ranged top laners completely bullying out bruisers. Thanks for considering, I would really like to see you guys' opinions on this subject.
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