Kleds Issues

So this is going to sound really really dumb. But can you please buff Kled? Listen, Kled is a really odd case of a top laner and champ in general. Ive played Kled long enough to know when he needs to be fixed. But this is really sad. Kled is not as strong as his win rate suggests. For one he is falling behind because of Riots decisions to buff all of his counters in 9.7 and then buffing Darius this patch, updating the hell out of aatrox and what did Kled get? Nothing. Kled never gets anything. It took 2 years for him to get a skin. He has a lot of bugs that are not patched, and he hasnt had a real buff since Patch 6.22. Now yes he did get buffs in the preseason of season 7, but so did EVERY CHAMPION IN THE GAME because of the new runes. And I think i realize the whole thing with Kled, which is a really harsh truth in my eyes. Kled will never be a meta champion for another couple of years, if not never again. Kled was only a meta champ in pro play, once. This was the tank meta, and this is because he is very tanky, and did max health damage to tanks, making him a really good bruiser since it was hard for him to die and tanks were actually able to lose. Now adays you have meta champs such as Vlad, Urgot, Darius, Renekton, Jax and Riven. Who Kled loses to pretty much all of these. His bugs include his Q not pulling when you are in the radius, his Tower immunity after dismounting not working, his invincibility frames upon dismount not working, his W not getting the 4th hit and does a normal auto instead (does this when you put a point inside while using it) Getting movement speed in the opposite direction of his Ult, his Ults pathing not working out ever, His E not being able to go through walls after hitting another champ. Oh but this bug is actually unfair and kind of game breaking. Bork does way more damage than it should to Kled. I dont know if it has to do with how his health bars alter his max health percentages when mixed with an enemy champion taking bork, but holy lord he takes more damage from bork than a damn Sion, Conq doesnt work that well on him because it doesnt proc on his q despite it isnt a multihit ability, Tiamat should help build his passive so people can take rav as a better option against tanks compared to just taking titanic every game because it is an auto cancel that smites adcs down like the wrath of Zeus. And yes, obviously this ticket isnt going to do much because Im pretty sure this isnt going to be shown to the balance team but it really needs to be. The only problem is the fact that fixing all of these bugs will give him the sion issue, where Sion became broken because all of his bugs were fixed. And even then I still think Kled doenst do enough damage. I just want a buff for Kled. All the Kled bugs that were patched were mainly sound bugs, instead of actual bugs that kill his kit. It makes me sad. Kleds win rate in mid is really good because there are no champs in mid that beat him, and he can pretty much outroam all of them. In top lane tho it is a travesty because its nearly impossible to pick Kled without losing the lane matchup, or getting camped due to how aggressive you have to be to win lane. Even submitted this to riots tickets and they even agree with this but dont have much control over this matter. So the more exposure this gets, the more likely Kled will get the attention he deserves. Kled players and mains Rise {{champion:240}}
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