I am tired of laning nothing but tanks and juggernauts top

Very sick and tired of it. To the point that I don't even want to play the fucking game anymore. I am tired of getting out sustained, tired of them being safe picks, tired of their base damage fucking me while they are full tank. It is the most depressing 20 minutes of my life to play Wukong into these lane match ups. Its every fucking game.Its very hard to maintain my composure when every fucking game its the same shit on repeat. I let them push because I can't stop them, the jungler hardly ganks, and I can't win the trades simply because of the champion difference. I'm lucky if their isn't at least one bad player on my team, so playing a scaling champion is even more depressing when your team is already doing bad, and it makes it worse that I am bullied in lane all game by bullshit champions.
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