Shaco 9.9 boxes

So I completely understand the shaco boxes should allow the fear to be able to proc even if lens is on it which makes sense, shaco does need a way to punish people still but cmon a control ward? Even a control ward at least should be able to cancel the shaco box fear completely, if control wards cant even see stealthed champs then they should at least be able to do something strong cause they are CONTROL WARDS not normal trinkets of the sort, control wards really have downgraded over the years and its really frustrating me because they used to be one of the best items in the game, but really have downgraded so much in my opinion. It would just be nice if they could at least cancel the shaco boxes fear cause I mean a control ward is supposed to be the strongest vision item in the game but yet ends up being worse than a farsight ward.

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