RIOT Kayle is BORING and Unable to fill her intended Role.

I know not many will upvote my post because god forbid Kayle get buffed or any champion. But hear me out here. Kalye is intended to be a late game hyper carry right? So how can she fill that role in her current state? She needs her early game Buffed bad as it stands she's countered by almost every matchup top lane to the point she can barely farm. Farm which hyper carrys need for items to fill their roles. I'm not talking about Buffing her late game at all, just making her early game good enough that she actually has a chance to win lane. As it stands because of her passive that creates her power spikes levels are required to hit powerspikes. This has turned her into the old Nasus that farms for 20mins undertower. Highly Boring. Move some of the stuff out of her passive and back into her kit or buff her starting stats and nerf the growth to even it out so she can actually trade in lane is all I'm asking for here. PLEASE UPVOTE IF YOU THINK THE REWORKED KAYLE'S EARLY GAME IS BORING AND NEEDS BUFFED SO SHE CAN ACTUALLY HAVE A SLIGHT CHANCE AT WINNING AND SURVIVING LANE PHASE{{champion:10}} .
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