Everything wrong with One For All as a Solo Player (imo)

I mainly play on my own. I like to have fun, which is why i like to play Game modes like these. However, the fun stops when i am basically forced to play a specific Champion while never ever having a Chance to play what i'd like to play. If 2 People choose the same Champion, it is not the Majority. There are still 3 People that want to play something else. The same counts for 3 People. Even with 4 People, it should not be a "oh, you're playing by yourself? Well, those people want to play this Champion that has absolutely no interaction with other Versions of itself and will guaranteed not be fun in any way shape or form, so we let the premades do their thing because if you get your way a Solo player that'd be unfair" kind of situation. Im not upset because i have to play a certain Champion. I am upset because i basically loose my Vote and have to play whatever the premades dictate. Where are my 20% Chance of playing the Champion i want to try out? On another note, Summoners Rift is the worst Map you could've picked for this. It splits people up, making 4 people have fun while the person in the middle usually deos not. Some Champions have it much easier to take Objectives like Dragon and Baron, while it is literally impossible for others. Also, why are death timers so ridiculously high? They should start at 5 seconds and not be longer then 30 seconds, since spending Time dead is no fun. The best way to fix all these issues would be to have it the next time on the Aram Map, with no Champions disabled. Change it that if 1 Champion gets picked multiple times, it still counts as if it were picked only once. Make it a true One For All. What i mean by that is, once a Champion is chosen, said Champion is chosen for both Teams. (I mean, thats what one for all should be? One person choosing For All?) And last as a side note, maybe disable hourglass and stopwatch, because i think it is unhealthy that people feel forced to build it. But thats all just my opinion, what do you think? Have you made any similar experiences?
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