Tips for roaming, warding, and laning in any lane?

Okay, so I like to play {{champion:136}} because I like dragons so I desired to play him, but I as time passed and I considered attempting to climb I realized that I don't know nearly enough about this game to even think about climbing using him or my other picks. While I am still in my first year playing this game, I have not touched competitive save for 2-3 times out of interest or request from friends, and I ended up in iron. So, can I ask you guys for any tips to control minion waves, maintain map presence, and vision so that I can roam even against hard matchups? I am looking to improve my knowledge and skills in general, not just mid lane as Aurelion, so watching videos and asking on boards for advice come to my mind. What mindset should I have with this champion and how can I play around that? I know what champions counter him and his extreme weakness to anything inside of his stars, his long cd on e, q and ult, and an idea of how to build him through online sources though I do experiment small amount with items and less so with runes. (though I should) after playing with him for several months (but not 1 tricking, I can't always play what I like/ want to and I have other mid laners I play or like to play.) I decided I am going to see how far I can climb, but I have strong a feeling playing this game casually really didn't teach me much other than mechanical skill with certain champions and very little game knowledge, I know a bit, just not everything I need to. I will bookmark this page for reference and create more threads about learning other roles and champs as well.
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