Leashing in the new jungle

I'd like to get an idea on what the community sees as the standard leash in the new jungle. I main support, and as a result end up providing leashes in a fair amount of games. Three times in the last week I've seen either myself or the ADC end up stealing the first camp due to a failed leash. I'm of the mindset that one of two things should be occurring... 1. Jungler holds smite for the second camp, and takes a smiteless leash on red/blue buff 2. Jungler should be using smite to secure the first camp I've done a lot more smiteless leashes this season than before due to junglers wanting to save smite for the 2nd camp so that they get full value out of the heal associated with the new smite. But what's been happening lately is i"ll be expecting to give a smiteless leash, then jungler smites at like 425 hp, leaving the mob alive with like 30 hp and then it dies to the next auto. What is the new standard practice for leashing in S7? Obviously, the easy answer is to ask at the beginning of every game if the jg is planning to smite the buff camp, but putting that aside for the moment, if no one in your game says anything, what do you expect them to do? In previous seasons I've always felt there was a common universally accepted start, and people only said something if they were going to deviate from the standard, but now the smite vs smiteless thing seems to be occurring in a 50/50 split atm. Basically I want to know if I'm fucking this up as a leasher, or if its just junglers failing at smite usage.
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