Nice Quality Of Life Changes.

I think the games state is iffy as of now but its fine enough to play. Some features in this game are just absolutely eh. All these game suggestions are my opinion and go for it to disagree and agree or add on to my suggestions. 1. Please add a Honor EXP Bar. Not knowing how close you are to the next level/checkpoint (talking about checkpoints in the next point) is very annoying because it makes the game feel like when am i going to level up or get my next check point. 2. Please riot straight up remove the check points and increase honor to like level 10 and make the rewards better. I've seen loads of "Level 5 HONOR OPENING" and then they proceed to get terrible rewards for wasting you life on the game. 3. Revert the blue essence stuff. When there was IP i was getting a new champion every 5 games max and blue essence just made it easier. It takes me 100 years to get 1 champion now and once i spend it takes 100 years to get it back. Or Just make it able to earn after games like IP. I've been stuck with a 30 champion pool for 1 month. I Hope You Guys Like My Suggestions And Don't Think There Too OP or Ridiculous. I Will be Happy To Read Feedback And Criticism. I Encourage Everyone To Add On To My Quality Of Life Changes and Please Up vote This So Riot Can See. Good Luck Summoners And Have A Great Day. (IF YOUR IN IRON-GOLD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLAY ANNIE {{champion:1}} )
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