Shaco needs some love

Hi Riot, Shaco has been nerfed for patches. dart harvest nerf, tiamat nerf, jg experience nerf, ignite nerf, q damage nerf. shaco needs some love. We didn't want you to over buff the champion to make it op. the W -- jack in the box is too weak right now, it only being used for jg clear and the scare time is too short (0.5 second), maybe buff the scare time to 1-2 sec (lvl 1-5) from 0.5 to 1.5 sec. maybe turn invisible from 2 sec after placed to 1 second after placed. So shaco is not going to oneshot anyone and the box mechanics could give shaco more fun play potential. the jack in the box right now is too weak early game. or maybe make the box like Vi's E, so it can have maybe up to 3 stacks. Furthermore, the most updated skin for shaco was released in 2015 and he didn't get a new skin for years and he didn't even have a skin over 975 rp. shaco main needs some love please. Thank you for your time reading my complaint.
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