Can we talk about how rediculous Champion Design's are lately?

[]( ####Spelling Fix in the title: Can we talk about how ridiculous Champion Design's are lately?* (Credit to: Crimson Zeppelin for pointing it out) Remember a time when simple champions used to exist (Example: {{champion:22}} Passive Attacks that slow enemies, Q bonus On-Hit Damage, W a wide volley attack, E global Vision Sweeper, and R a global Stun) Nowadays we get champions like {{champion:145}} Kai'Sa, {{champion:235}} Senna and now Aphelios who have so much overloaded stuff in their kits that other older Champions literally cannot keep up and handle all this shit. Is it interesting and unique? Yes. Is it too much and it's gamebreaking? Definitely. > ##{{champion:145}} Kai'Sa * Bonus On-Hit Damage (that is increased with each additional Plasma Stack). * Plasma bonus Damage also is added on W. * Allies's CC also applies Plasma Stacks (that allow her to dash to the enemy that is marked with her R). * After 5 Stacks it detonates dealing % Missing HP Damage as bonus Magic Damage (that also scales with AP). * Bonus stats evolves abilities to become even stronger. * Q deals double Damage to Low HP Minions/Monsters. * Q Low Cooldown, High Damage ability that can be used as long as someone is near you (can be also used without stopping to move). * Q Evolve fires additional missiles that increase the flat Damage dealt by x3.25 (and also increases the bonus AD and AP Scallings by x3.25 as well). * W a long almost semi global ranged Ability that can be used for multiple purposes; Sniping/Finishing the enemy, Poking, to detonate the Passive Plasma Stacks, to apply 2/3 Stacks of Plasma, to gain Vision of the hit enemy for 4 seconds, and to be used to allow her to R to her enemies from a far range. * W has really high base damage that doesn't require to have additional points in because she scales that well. * W Evolve grants her 50% Cooldown Refund if she hits something and it also now applies 3 Stacks of Plasma. * E Grants free Movement Speed (that is further increased based on your bonus Attack Speed) during Charge and free Attack Speed afterwards. * Basic Attacks lower the remaining cooldown of E by 0.5 Seconds. * E Evolve grants invisibility for 0.5 Seconds. * R a long almost semi global range ability that can be used for multiple purposes: engage, disengage, reposition. * R has a big scalling Shield. * All of her abilities besides her E scale with both AP and AD. ##{{champion:235}} Senna * Infinite scalling Passive (another one of those Nasus, Veigar wannabe's) that grants a ton of stats; every mist stack grants +1 AD, every 20 mist stacks give +25 bonus range and +15% bonus Crit Chance (after she reaches about 140 Mist Stacks she get's +175 bonus Attack Range and +100% Crit Chance for free). * After she overexceeds the +100% Crit Chance with her Passive she converts 35% of that Crit Chance into bonus Lifesteal. * Basic Attacks and Abilities that are used on enemies apply Mist for 4 seconds, and her next attack will collect a Mist Stack which will also deal 1% - 16% of the target's current health as bonus physical damage. * Senna's basic attacks grant her 10% - 20% of the targets movement speed for 0.5 Seconds. * Minions and Monsters also drop a Mist Stack every now a then (20% Chance or 5.5% Chance when it's her that lands a last hit). * Collecting Mist Stacks also gives +3 Gold. * Senna can also use her Q to collect multiple Stacks in the line. * Q deals damage and also heals Senna and her allies in the line. * Q is a point to click ability that can be also used on; enemy/ally turrets, minions/monsters, allies/enemies, wards and mist wraiths. * Basic attacks reduce the remaining cooldown of her Q by 1 second. * W Roots the main target and other enemies around the main target, killing a minion/monster with W instantly roots enemies around the main enemy unit. * E grants camouflage for herself and her allies inside the aura (allies that leave the aura are disguised as wraiths for the enemy). Senna herself is also obscured. * E also grants +20% bonus Movement Speed. * R is the fastest global ability in the game that deals physical damage in the middle line to everything and shields herself and her allies on the outer sides of the middle line. ##And then we get Aphelios... * An ADC with 15 different Abilities. * Each weapon with it's own niche making him even more flexible than both Kai'Sa and Senna Combined. * Since he doesn't need to level up his abilities due to them being leveled up automatically with certain levels, he instead gets to choose what stats he wants to get with each level; Attack Damage, Attack Speed or Armor Penetration. * Calibrum is a Poke weapon. * Severum is a Sustain weapon. * Gravitum is a Utility weapon. * Infernum is a AoE/Waveclearing/Team-Fighting weapon. * Crescendum is a Close Range 1v1 fighting weapon. Keep in mind that this recent kit reveal is not even a full reveal because we don't even get any numbers, cooldowns, range different and so on. Don't get me wrong this is a really Cool Champion design alongside Kai'Sa and Senna because of how different, unique and non-traditional they are, but keep in mind Riot, that designs like this make it impossible for the classic Champions to keep up with all this versitility that these designs come with. I can already see him being perma-banned in LCS, tbh I don't think we will even see him in Pro-Play (because everyone will ban him) if his kit is going to be in the same state as it is on paper.
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