Akali main 1.4m mastery.

first i want to say... the new akali is shit. its so trash that i genuinely do not, will not play a game of new akali. I just had a game where enemy team had an akali. WE WON this game mind you.... Alright, the problem i have with this stupid new inbred champ is that shroud is straight busted. theres no counter play period. PERIOD. R is stupid, and so is ... no... strike it, all of here abilities are fucking stupid. Old akali was atleast countered by CC in shroud, R wasnt %%%%%%edly strong. E wasnt the greatest ability on her kit, now everything about her is just even more stupid. it was frustrating playing against new akali because there is 0 ... there is NONE NO COUNTER PLAY period to her shroud. 1.4m mastery points and LOVED old akali... and is speaking about new akali because its actually a shit rework. revert it.

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