How often does off-meta get reported? - Results from my last 90 days

#Introduction Howdy! I'm Aqua Dragon, and I play a lot of really weird stuff in Diamond. Jungle Malzahar, Tank Karthus, Support Orianna, APC-Bot Ghost Vel'koz, and AP Kog. Suffice to say, I get reported. A lot. I was wondering, "How often?" and it turns out [you can send in a ticket request to find out how many times!]( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #[Here are the results.]( | Reports Received | # | |:-----------------: |:--: | | Leaving / AFK: | 9 | | Hate Speech: | 1 | | Verbal Abuse: | 23 | | Negative Attitude: | 40 | | Assisting Enemies: | 50 | | Third Party Tools: | 1 | 124 Reports in 90 Days, about 270 games. Now this information has a caveat: people can report you for more than one category at a time, so it's probably a bit less than this. Still, it's a lot of reports! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Have you been punished? I've been playing weird stuff in ranked League for 5 seasons now. And in all my time, I've never been muted, suspended, banned, punished, or even warned a single time. Riot's report system is very good at identifying unwarranted reports! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #But are you a toxic player? Here's an example of what kind of awful reported behavior I had in-game. > Aqua Dragon: 15s cd > Aqua Dragon: Almost worked though > Aqua Dragon: Rakan no ult > Aqua Dragon: MF still has > Aqua Dragon: i gotcuh > Aqua Dragon: gg Oh the humanity! But perhaps that was cherry-picked, so here's another awful example of human waste. > Aqua Dragon: I'm Kog. > Aqua Dragon: Mad respect. > Aqua Dragon: Those were some fancy feet. > Aqua Dragon: Our poke is intense, Xer > Aqua Dragon: Aced > Aqua Dragon: Mao, you beast > Aqua Dragon: Wonder if we can arrive in time > Aqua Dragon: I got smite > Aqua Dragon: gg Suffice to say, I don't usually type very much. Perhaps that's why I've been reported often: many rude people interpret my lack of responses as "refusing to cooperate and communicate with the team" But it's tough when every statement I make about my builds is up for debate, harassment, bullying, and sheer salt. Better to just lay low and focus on winning. Thanks for reading!
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