For the first time since patch 5.16 I'm optimistic for Mordekaiser But the recent red responses on the topic and the whole Title change fiasco and how professionally it was resolved made me regain my hope for Mordekaiser becoming a staple on how an initially shunned rework might just take a turn for the better by actually trying to fix the problems the players try to pint out. And behold, Morde's W passive, a feature most of us deem toxic and unfair is actually getting nerfed, allowing Riot to try and balance his Solo and Duo lane out bit by bit. This call to action and various Rioters commenting on the matter and their future goals for Morde means a lot to us Mordekaiser players since it shows us you care and are working on fixing the Iron Revenant. Just keep it up, looking forward for more Morde changes( especially the patch following the Preseason one as FeralPony had mentioned it might just contain some changes to his W) ~M.M
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