Why im quiting mid

In my opinion after shock is the worst thing to happen to mid lane in a while. I remeber back when you could pick an assassin and actually win lane mid. now you better pray to god you manage to get a kill off of their jungler or bot lane or youre screwed. things like after shock galio and lissandra are the most mind numbing boring things to face, and its not hard in the slightest. I just FIRST timed lissandra in a ranked game (im currently gold 2) and i did really well, had the most damage on the team and won the game. its not hard to abuse this stuff. and if its not someone abusing after shock its someone taking a top lane champ mid, a champ like katarina or zed will almost never be able to beat a aatrox or a irelia ( i know both those champs have been nerfed but theyre still very annoying mid) one last thing i will say is that it doesnt matter if you win or lose mid lane, as long as your jungler is good. one game i was out trading my enemy laner until i was hard camped into oblivion and couldnt do anything about it and lost. next game i was getting hard out traded in lane, jungler ganked 3 times and boom im instantly winning the lane. its a very boring lane but i suppose if you enjoy tanking it up then mid lane is the lane for you.
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