Why a Zoe nerf is needed.

So I'm just going to come right out and say it. Zoe is beyond busted. That being said she is busted in her own way. She quite literally has 0 scaling. She can one-shot me at level one playing about 90% of mid laners just by landing sleepy trouble bubble. I figured this is a problem that would have been addressed by now and so I let it go. It has been about half a year now. I just played a game against zoe as xerath. This is the perfect matchup for me to point out all of the flaws that I need to in Zoe's damage design because they are similar champs when it comes to doing your damage. On Xerath I can level 2 basically kill you after landing 15-20 skill shots if I were to land them all off of cooldown. Zoe level 2 is essentially I will land one decently sized high ranged skill shot which will not only "mark you for dead" but it will cc you so that the only thing you can do is turn off your computer before the jumpscare of you either dying or losing 90% of your health. This is what I call zoe's fixed damage, zoe's damage is essentially fixed like jhin's attack speed, no matter how much dmg you get your combo isn't going to change much. Now that we have gone through zoe's full damage let's see xeraths scaling. Xerath's entire kit scales off perfection, ironically more than Jhin's theme of being perfect. No matter how much damage you seem to aquire on Xerath you will always seem to be one skill shot away from killing everybody. Essentially I can count how many skill shots I shoot and can tally how many I land. Let's say I shoot 100skillshots for an easy number and I land 90 I will have landed 90% of all my skill shots over an excessively high number and not only does it feel bad to lose when that happens, but it also makes Xerath as a champion discouraging to play when you find that you played the game very well and landing one more skill shot could have had made or broke the game when you already have a higher hit percentage than anyone in the game by a huge margin. I have found that there are a decent amount of Xerath games that I have where I have 50k damage and lose even though I am 10,000's of damage ahead of anyone. This is because Xerath damage is not bursty enough, obviously because it can hit multiple targets, but the fact still stays that Xerath requires you to land 99% of skill shots to get a decisive victory, which a minority are collaterals. Zoe however, has no pressure as to what skill shots she lands because realistically if she misses she can just one shot the enemy at another time. If by some far off chance she is doing 0 damage here bubble just gives her fed teammate the ability to one shot a helpless target. As far as difficulty of her skill shots I have yet to encounter a person that has struggled with landing them whether they be "hard stuck" or climbing. Her ability to one shot from off screen with an ability that is not even an ultimate really degrades the niche for champs like Xerath that have to hit an excessive amount of skill shots to off-screen a person adding to skill with each skill shot landed. Damage aside she has the movement speed of for lack of a better term would probably rival an ad assassin with youmuu's ghostblade and she has the dodgability. Other mages like Xerath are essentially left to die with no mobility or escape potential. With all of her mobility added with the fact she gets to use summoner spells whenever she wants. This reminds me of a time where she picked up ignite, ignited me, picked up a 2nd ignite, ignited me, picked up a 3RD ignite, ignited me and then basically killed me with a lich bane proc auto attack. I don't know what Zoe's skill rating is, but I can assure you igniting someone 3 times and auto attacking them does not take skill. I don't want a Xerath rework because I very much like the kit of the champion. It is very ironic that Zoe being very old is depicted as a child because it feels like Riot feels her as a child in leniency with nerfing what needs to be nerfed, I really like riot, they make my favorite game and I feel that I have given a good case as to why Zoe requires some sort of change, even if lets say sleepy trouble bubble is maybe a slow and not a cc in which a squishy dies or a tank loses 40-60% of their health. Also forgot her sleepy trouble bubbles cc rivals Xerath's stun duration with 3 times the range. In conclusion, Zoe leeches off other champs niches and does them better than even those champs all at the same time and there is a required change, thank you for taking your time to read this and see you on the rift!
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