Can we get confirmation on whether or not these Heimerdinger changes are bugs or intentional?

Now, I know there have been quite a few posts going on about how many bugs came in on everyone's favorite Yordle when they 'buffed/bugfixed' him, but I still have yet to see anyone give confirmation on whether some of these changes are really bugs at all. The interaction with Aery and Rylai's and Heimerdinger's turrets I can assume is a bug, after all shouldn't they be treated as any other DOT skill like Malzahar E or Teemo Poison and therefore proc both constantly? His turrets and Dark Harvest on the other hand can be seen easily as either a bug or intentional as the notes did mention that Dark Harvest won't proc off procs. Then again, his turrets are less of a proc as they are one of his skills, why shouldn't it proc off of them? Finally, Heimerdinger's W and Dark Harvest interaction. If a champion is above the threshold for Dark Harvest to be proc'd and Heimerdinger hits all his rockets, dropping them well beyond the threshold with the first one or two, shouldn't the rest be able to collect the stack? Or do they all count as procs of procs? I'm aware there are still plenty of other rune options that he can viably go in game, just looking more for clarification for the dear Heimerdinger community. - A Concerned Yordle Lover
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