Luden's Echoes is Straight Up Inferior Compared to the Other Jungle Items.

{{item:1400}} /{{item:1412}}: sizable chunk of AD + CDR, exactly what aggressive AD champs want. {{item:1401}} /{{item:1413}}: HP, +%HP, and AoE magic damage to massively increase clear speed for tanky junglers. {{item:1416}} /{{item:1419}}: One of the highest attack speed items in the game, paired with % Max HP damage, insanely good for AA based champs. All of these items are perfectly tailored to the champions that build them. Now let's take a look at {{item:1402}}/ {{item:1414}} Only 60 AP, the same amount of AD that Warrior gets, which is baffling considering that AD ratios are more often than not higher than AP ratios. The other stat is +7% movement speed, which isn't bad by any means, but the vast majority of AP junglers would prefer CDR or magic pen. Finally, the passive is a cut rate {{item:3285}} passive. Runic Echoes is 60 + .1 AP, whereas Luden's Echo is 100 + .1AP. The only advantage Runic Echoes has is some mana sustain when clearing jungle camps. Except Luden's Echo has vastly superior mana sustain because it builds out of Lost Chapter now. This is one of the biggest reasons AP junglers are struggling right now, and unless Runic Echoes is buffed or reworked, it would probably be better to skip it entirely and just sit on the smite upgraded items. The best fix I think would be reworking it entirely. Have it build out of {{item:3802}} Stats could be: 70 AP 20% CDR This would bring it much more on par with non-jungle AP items. Also if you're concerned that it goes from 25 AP -> 70 AP, it isn't much more drastic than Warrior going from 25 AD -> 70 AD.
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