Riot admit you ruined Akali with the rework and the nerfs that followed up to 9.3

I enjoyed the old Akali, her kit was outdated but either way fine. And right when the rework came out I liked her more but, as she turned into Yasuo to the community, the champion was ruined for me. After the rework, I instantly fell in love with the champion's mechanics. Yeah it was disgusting, especially at first when your ult did like 700 damage level 6 and your shroud could stay for up to 15 seconds. And I understand the big nerfs to her stats. She had a lot less base damage, health regen etc. which was necessary. I would argue she could've used more nerfs to some stats because her design makes her worth playing and banning With 9.3 coming out she loses out on her healing, giving her a much different and hard early game. And the most iconic thing about her, the shroud that would drop tower agro. is removed along with some other nerf to it. This completely changes her play style and she'll never be satisfying to play. I know most people are happy about this cause no one has to deal with the champion anymore but consider me the 10% that wanted the shroud to stay. Or at least the healing, even the old Akali healed off her passive. I'm mostly sad about the fact that I bought skins for her and played like 50 hours of blitz to get tokens so i could pay 20$ for the prestige edition. I'd be perfectly happy paying for champion skins if I enjoy playing the champ. But now I know I'll probably stop playing her. It IS my fault I know, I was the one who chose to buy the skins, but I feel like I was ripped off. EDIT: I find it weird how they released her prestige skin within roughly a month before the big nerf
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