"If everyone was warding, I wouldn't have to buy sightstone."

What your support says when your team's trinkets look like this: {{item:3340}} {{item:3364}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3363}} {{item:3364}}. In no world is that enough wards. Sometimes you'll see another red or blue instead of a yellow. It's NOT ENOUGH. Vision is important. I main support, but lately I've been branching out and jumping into every other role. Whenever I do, I'm stuck with the "I shouldn't have to build sightstone" supports who ALWAYS argue that vision is a whole team effort. You know, while it certainly IS a whole team effort, I can only place so much vision when I have red trinket and can only put out control wards, and even then, DENYING vision from the enemy is my contribution to the team effort. Even if I start yellow, I swap out to red at level 9 because even if my team doesn't ward, the enemy sure as hell ALWAYS does. Unless you're playing in the lowest of low elo, you shouldn't really be in a situation where your entire team still has yellow trinket come late game. Your carry can't be walking up to bushes to ward, so they should DEFINITELY have a blue. Support should have sightstone, and thus should have red. Jungler should have red as well for too many reasons (counter jungling, ganks, etc). So that leaves your top laner and MAYBE your mid laner who would want to keep yellow trinket. It just isn't enough. Yeah it won't always end up with trinkets looking how I listed them above, but if your whole team keeps yellows while the team builds a variety you're at a disadvantage imo. I might have missed a few points or been wrong about a couple of things (If I AM wrong about anything, feel free to let me know) but it's just a thought I had after more games with an "I don't need sightstone" supp.
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