Some depressing stats about Malphite

I play malphite since season 2 and i have 500k mastery points on him. That doesn't necessarly make me a good player however i'm experienced enough to know what my champion has been in the past and what he is know. I'm able to compare his old state to his actual state pretty easily and since his mini rework the character struggles a lot in the top lane. After seing the new PBE changes live it seems that it won't change a lot concerning the laning phase. Here are some depressing rock solid stats Malphites loses its lane against 40 top laner champions. Malphite only wins its lane against 11 top laner champions. which makes him win it's lane only against 21.57% champions in the top lane. Don't tell me that there isn't a problem. He is in a desesperate need for a rework or just revert the old changes you made to him in his last mini rework when you removed the tiamat passive to make it an active and removed and the ad scaling on the w (yes he had a 40% ad scaling buff). Combining his old tiamat passive and the old ad scaling buff with the titanic hydra would help a lot malphite. Yes the old malphite had a permanant tiamat passive which could cumulate with the tiamat object passive. You could proc the tiamat effect 2x per hit. And malphite kit has been build around this mechanic. That's what made him a respectfull top laner. You combined this with some armor and there you go. Removing his old tiamat passive was the worst decision riot made with the character. the new changes in the PBE will help but it won't be suficient for him to have a decent top lane winning rate... His actual kit won't allow him to duel properly except if you revert the changes you made to his w in the past. That's the only efficient solution you could find waiting for the rework.
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