I'm old and it's getting harder and harder to keep up

I've been a long time league player and have been playing consistently. I witnessed a lot of changes over the years and I am the least happiest with the recent additions to the game, by far. Champions are more complicated and flashier, so much so that I have a hard time keeping up with what is going on during fights. I will list examples: - Qiyana flashing in to ult my team against the wall, then get off her combo to blow up someone. 0 indication of what she will do and how it will happen. - Senna auto and Q. I really can't tell which is which. I get confused whenever she does her combo. She also hurt a lot. - Sylas getting on top on anyone and rotate his whole combo, not much to do except try and live through it. Soon will come Aphelios with multiple weapons and abilities. I watched my fair share of gameplay to get confused of what he's doing or what to do against him. The switching of weapons and abilities muddle things more than clarify anything. And so, as I get older, I find myself at mercy of these champions who design seems to be "getting off as much damage within the smallest of window as possible before they can retaliate". I often play tanks since they are durable and I can take time to do things, but it is difficult nowadays to survive anything at all, or be an apparent threat. I don't know which direction Riot is taking this game to, but I would love to ask them to simply slow the game down a bit to give me a chance to keep up. My reaction is not as good as when I was in college a decade ago.
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