2019 Ranked Reform and a Community That Needs to Appreciate Competition

I was thinking a lot about this and talking with a Rioter to just bounce some ideas. Ended up coming up with a thought in order to keep legitimate trolls out of ranked ques and ideally help the region overall. After all, there are normals for people who only want to play for fun. Ranked is meant to be a competitive scenario and players who refuse to uphold that honestly should be held in violation of Riot's codes of conduct. The optimal way to address this would be to make trolling, and excessively "nuanced" picks a report category available in ranked, akin to intentional feeding. However, these reports would never result in a ban from the game, just the ranked ques. The best way would be for it to operate in an ascending manner of punishment like normal. It would function as a deterrent to players who want to troll the people who actually care about the competitive integrity of NA as a region. Hopefully it would, slowly but surely, begin to help the player base take the game seriously again, and by trickle effect improve the pro scene over time. All I really want is an NA that we can be proud of. I think we all want that same thing. But what we all forgot is that it starts with us. It starts with each and every player. How can we expect the people representing us to play seriously and play well if the region they represent only rewards trolling for you tube highlights and then emulates that same behavior, only ruining more games. I think I just want the same thing that we all do, better quality games, and assuring that starts with us. Then the responsibility goes to Riot. Thanks for reading guys, I hope you can appreciate how sad it seems that NA has become and that we really need to be the change that we want to see. No one else is going to do it for us. {{sticker:galio-happy}}

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