Is Lvl 100 Doombots even Beatable Anymore?

There were a number of strategies out there that worked in the past but so far they have not been working: Strategy 1: Use champions like Singed to proxy the lane that the bots are pushing. Currently: If there are no minions, some of the bots will be traveling back in lane and of course they will proceed with the next wave. Unsure of how far would they travel, so far they definitely will go up to their outer turret. To test: use Singed and walk through the poison jungle to Proxy between bot's inner and outer turrets. Strategy 2: They ignore Karthus's passive. Currently: Not anymore! They will stay right on the rim of the range for Q. Stop upgrading your codes Rito! Can we even beat them anymore? Is there even point in playing it? Why do we have a game mode where we can't win instead of a game mode that we all love like URF, ARURF, One for all, or even the most appeared game mode but definitely one of the least liked - Ascension?
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