I now know how old Poppy, Galio and Sion mains feel.

I always thought it really sucked have one of your favorite champs to completely be changed. But I had no idea of how bad that feeling was until the {{champion:6}} rework. The feeling of having a champion that you love playing be completely erased and replaced with one that only really shares the same name and a few traits. I loved played old Urgot. I know he wasn't super popular but the new one plays nothing like him. At least {{champion:78}} kept her wall stun and kept the ult that removes one player (or players) from the fight concept but made it more healthy. The new urgot has nothing that the old urgot had besides a sheild on his W and a suppression on his ult that does not even work unless he is going to kill the enemy. Is the new urgot healthier? Yes. He has a lot more counter play to him in lane besides "don't get hit by e or stay 1400 units away." Everything about the urgot is telegraphed while the old one could just flash ult the enemy adc to the middle of his team. I don't really know what I wanted to say with this post. Besides venting my frustration about one of my favorite champions being replaced by something that isn't him, but only shares his name.
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