Unpopular Opinion: Yasuo is not broken. You need to learn how play around him

No, I'm not a Yasuo main. I'm a support/tank main and I mainly play Thresh, Braum and Rakan. Is Yasuo annoying? Kinda. Is he broken? No way! I've been playing this game since Season 2 (Could have been since beta if I wasn't so intimidated by the complexety of this game). Yes, even after 6 years, I'm still a Silver/Gold scrub. I'm sorry I'm not good at this particular game. But I've seen a lot of things in this game. You know what was annoying? Kassawin with 90%+ ban rates. THAT was broken. LeBlanc with 2 silences? THAT existed. Xin Zhao completly breaking a team apart. THAT was real. Feral Flare and Devourer happened. Yasuo doesn't even come close together to the broken shit this game had. Yes, his shield can be annoying but you can easily pop it with auto attack or your shittiest ability. His windwall can be annoying but you can bait him and leave him defenseless. The minion dashes can also be annoying but you can clearly see and predict where he is going to dash and you can easily avoid it. Without a teammate with a knock-up, he's gonna be heavily restricted in terms of using his ultimate. The only thing that can genuinely be broken is him ulting under tower and not getting hit. Yasuo can be annoying, but like a fly, who can also be very annoying, you can easily squash him and assert you dominance. Get your shit together and destroy that Yasuo main that you hate so much. No matter the blood. No matter the losses. That is acceptable. Failure is acceptable. Giving up isn't. Don't go cry to Riot to nerf Yasuo. Don't choose the easy way. Defeat him in the hard way. BE A FUCKING WARRIOR! {{sticker:darius-angry}} tl;dr: Yasuo is kinda of annoying but he isn't broken. Focus and you can easily defeat him.
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