Are they ever going to nerf Duskblade?

I know they already nerfed it. But it obviously did nothing. It's quite ridiculous how 90% of AD champs build it now. It gives way too much damage, vision control, and it so cheap to buy. There's literally no counter play to it besides keeping vision long enough to not get hit. IF you have vision. I'm tired of seeing it on champs that shouldn't even have it cuz they're not assassins. I feel like it was literally just made to make Zed a viable champ again and that's it. It's starting to get ridiculous. Another theory is it's just duskblade combined with the new runes. If the adjustments in preseason don't balance out with Duskblade I'm honestly done with this game. Preseason has been garbage so far and duskblade is just boring and annoying to see now every game on every AD champ.
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