Mord ult literally makes no sense for the character

Morde is not about a "fair duel" or a "1v1 me bro" champ, and has never been, this ult would have fit someone like xin zhao or fiora, but not mordeksair. Hes more about 1v5ing (2v4 with ult i guess) while enslaving his enemies, which old ult did perfectly since if you got a good ult off you had a serious chance to just wipe the other team out. Just a mismatch on the theme here, giving an edgier camille ult to him is not only boring (functionally its already an existing ability) but it just doesnt fit the charcarcter, as a bonus its going to cripple him in the long run since its going to be a balance nightmare. This rework is doomed to fail, like aatrox, akali, etc.

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