Annie Is Literally Worse Than Yasuo.

Annie is literally a champion for players who are shit at the game. It's what we call Training Wheels for Noobs. And yet THEY ARE FUCKING EVERYWHERE, not only being used by noobs, BUT BY FUCKING EVERYONE WHO CAN'T PLAY MID. I'm sick of Annie, You got your "Wtf is learning to farm with autos? I press Q and get resets on Q and no mana cost!" You got the "You're stunned? Aoe 300 damage" The "You caught me out? HAHA Nah 40% Damage Reduction" And the most BULLSHIT ULTIMATE IN THE GAME. "Hey please stop moving for 2 seconds, take burst damage, then take aoe damage, then take autoattack damage from the bear, and if I stun you again it gets empowered, and if you outplay me, GO TIBBERS HERE'S SOME FUCKING DRUGS GO BEAT HIS ASS FOR OUTPLAING ME!" And WHY THE FUCK CAN SHE HOLD HER STUNS INDEFINITELY?
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