Better Jungler Wins Game - Data Provided to Back Up Claim

I have lost 8 of my last 10 games (solo queue, gold V). While I'm not here to make excuses, I am here to shine a light on what I feel is a disconcerting trend in the game. First I'll provide data from my last 10 games, then I'll discuss what the data appears to show. Game 1 (loss): Enemy jungler: 4.50 KDA, 92 CS, level 12 Our jungler__: 0.71 KDA, 104 CS, level 11 Game 2 (loss): Enemy jungler: 3.40 KDA, 186 CS, level 17 Our jungler__: 1.82 KDA, 136 CS, level 15 Game 3 (loss): Enemy jungler: 5.25 KDA, 183 CS, level 17 Our jungler__: 1.33 KDA, 137 CS, level 15 Game 4 (loss): Enemy jungler: 1.17 KDA, 163 CS, level 14 Our jungler__: 1.86 KDA, 157 CS, level 14 Game 5 (loss): Enemy jungler: 2.63 KDA, 145 CS, level 17 Our jungler__: 1.60 KDA, 140 CS, level 15 Game 6 (loss): Enemy jungler: 2.22 KDA, 137 CS, level 15 Our jungler__: 1.78 KDA, 149 CS, level 14 Game 7 (loss): Enemy jungler: 5.33 KDA, 172 CS, level 15 Our jungler__: 0.75 KDA, 81 CS, level 13 Game 8 (win): Enemy jungler: 1.36 KDA, 235 CS, level 18 Our jungler__: 1.14 KDA, 215 CS, level 18 Game 9 (win): Enemy jungler: 2.00 KDA, 104 CS, level 13 Our jungler__: 5.33 KDA, 160 CS, level 15 Game 10 (loss): Enemy jungler: 5.75 KDA, 138 CS, level 15 Our jungler__: 1.50 KDA, 95 CS, level 12 In the 8 losses, the enemy team had a dramatically better jungler in 6 of them, the junglers were about equal in 1, and we had the better jungler in 1 (though not by much). In the 2 wins, we had a dramatically better jungler in 1 of them, and the junglers were about equal in the other. What do these numbers seem to show? They seem to show that the jungle role has a dramatically large impact on the outcomes of games and, perhaps to a large degree, more so than any other role. Intuitively we can see why this should be the case: if one jungler is constantly ganking lanes and burning enemy summs or even picking up kills, while the other jungler is not helping the team in any way (ie: clearing camps incredibly slowly, refusing to gank for anyone, building a tank when our top laner and support are already tanks, walking randomly into enemy jungle and dying, being mechanically poor with his/her champion, etc etc), not only is the better jungler getting ahead, but is also setting up teammates to get ahead as well. This means that once the mid game arrives, one team will have a jungler that is not only more fed but is also more skilled and knowledgeable than the opposing jungler, and several of the teammates of that better jungler will also be much more fed than their opponents. This makes it extremely difficult (often impossible) for the team with the worse jungler to come back and win the game, even with shutdown gold being what it currently is. The point I'm trying to make here is, "Better Jungler Wins Game" is a notion that holds more water than many people realize. Does Riot want the game to be like this, or are there any plans in the works to address what is happening? In games where I can tell very early on that I've been teamed with a terrible jungler, it is deflating to know from the 5 minute mark that my chances of winning the game are extremely low, no matter how well I play. It gets even more deflating when the enemy jungler is going from lane to lane like hot lightning, picking up kills with ease. The fix here seems to be relatively simple: 1) never, ever autofill someone into the jungle role, and 2) have the matchmaker set up in such a way that it always tries to place junglers of roughly equal quality on the two teams. These two adjustments would, IMO, immediately and dramatically improve the experience of playing ranked in solo queue. And yes, I'm aware that the ranked system is about to change, but this hilights the importance of raising concerns now, so that Riot makes the most of the upcoming opportunity to make the new system the best and fairest system it can be. *** Update *** The above post was rejected from the Gameplay + forums for the following reasons: > * _10 games is much too small to be a meaningful data set._ > * _You don't discuss how your idea would affect matchmaking times, especially if extended to other roles._ So I'll address these points now: 1) 10 games may be a small data set, but I chose this set of data because it's a perfect illustration of how my entire season has gone. I have played 925 games (and counting) this season, and the general sense I have got is that these games have been, disturbingly often, determined by which team had the better jungler. The reason why I didn't tabulate all the jungler data from the 925 games is because I didn't have time to do so (especially considering all the time I have spent on trying to win unwinnable games and winning other games afterward to make up for the LP loss). So no, I don't think anyone would consider 925 games too small a data set to be meaningful; I'm just asking that you believe me when I say that, while I can't gather all the jungler data from my whole season, I can tell you sincerely that I have been paying close attention to my games and keeping track of what I feel were the determining factors in each one of them. Overwhelmingly, the sense I've been getting is that there is quite often a huge discrepancy in the quality of the junglers, and almost _every_ game that has such a huge discrepancy ends up being won by the better jungler. 2) Matchmaking times would increase substantially of course, but I wouldn't mind that one bit. In my opinion, It is by _**far**_ better to have a 10-15 minute queue time and play in a game where all your teammates are in the role they wanted, than to only have a 2 minute queue time and end up wasting 30 minutes on a game that is unwinnable due to griefing teammates, and spend another 2+30 minutes winning another game to make up for the loss. If you do the math, it is obvious that autofilling ends up wasting much more of a player's time than long queue times would.
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