Throw some scaling tenasity on Nasus' ult

This champ needs help. His early game is bad. His mid game is good but very conditional and his late game is bad. This is suppose to be the "time bomb" champ a meele hypercarry where the battle is to try and hold him down long enough from him reaching his God mode and win before he ascends. When Nasus hits lvl 18 with 500-600 stacks this guy should be a full on raid boss. While I think it is completely acceptable Nasus has the weakness of being kited as he has no mobility skills Its just way too easy so throw some scaling tenacity like 10/20/40% on each rank up on his ult. You will defiantly be able to feel the power spikes as you rise in power. Nasus can stack damage infinitely but not survivability Nasus has never really been gated by his damage but rather his ability to live. Here is what people are immediately going to scream once the read this 1) Nasus's ult is already so overloaded and gives him too much already! Sure his ult is basically where all the power in his kit is at but why is that a bad thing? I think it fits well with his theme and play style. you hit your super syane button when you think you can throw down and have to play it cool while you recharge your God powers 2) Every time I play Nasus I get shit on by him when he hits level 6 he is so good in the early game! Yeah Nasus is a noob stomper. If people don't know: how to control the wave, CS well, roam, manage creep agro, or take good trades (damn that a lot of things to mess up) then yeah you will struggle with this champ, but he is not op. Now I can understand most players are silver/bronze so its probably prudent to not put a champ who when pick is going to farm their LP like a John Deer tractor in their games so maybe we can shave some of his early HP on his ult or something. I am willing to compromise I don't need a OP champ I just need a viable one. 3) Nasus is so brainless he can't be too good cause he is so easy to play! False, False, False. Nasus does not require lots of _mechanical skill_ but he does require better map awareness, positioning, and macro play than most champs. Think of someone who is known as being skill expressive like LeBlanc. Yes to play LeBlanc to her potential you need those quick reflexes and precise micro to play her to her potential but she is extremely forgiving in other categories such as positioning (you can be sloppy when you can cover 1200 units worth of range and snapback), Map awareness (Good luck ganking this thing), and Macro play (your job is to kill champions not hit towers or take objectives that's what your ADC is for after you killed everyone). While no one is going to outplay you mechanically as Nasus that does not mean you do not have counter play.

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