Can we talk about Cassiopeia .. yet again Riot?

It has become evident to many pre-rework Cassiopeia players that their once beloved snake lady has been reduced to nothing but mere ashes ever since her uncalled for rework. **Riot has made it abundantly clear on many occassions that they ...** 1. Have no idea what they want Cassiopeia to even be as they've attempted to turn her into a late game hyper carry but neglect the fact she's an immobile mage that relies on poisons and 2. Have had no real care about Cassiopeia since her rework and arguably even before it. **But never mind the fact this rework is a colossal failure and has been since its release on many different factors, never mind the fact that Riot has given a giant middle finger F U to dedicated Cassiopeia players that have given solid feedback to this "rework", let's dicuss why Cassiopeia is a massive flop yet again. ** ____ **Probably the biggest problem with Cassiopeia that has been stated so many times at this point my human brain cannot fathom the number is that it takes TO LONG FOR HER TO BE USEFUL. ** Riot has gone out their way to turn Cassiopeia into a late game hyper carry but have completely made it so that her late game hyper carry scaling is depended on a time passive that takes forever to stack, is completely boring in every sense of the word, and unnecessary for the same exact reason. Meanwhile actual hyper carry's like Veigar, Azir, Ryze etc can reach their late game power spike faster and in some cases offer MORE then what Cassiopeia can in a shorter time frame. ____ **Cassiopeia's core identity has been completely butchered for some man's hard on for stacking passives. ** Cassiopeia's core identity use to be one thing no matter how you played her and that was - debilitation: weakening her enemies downed. But ever since this joke of a passive has been introduced nearly all of her AP ratios have been completely gutted to compensate for the massive amounts of unneeded AP she'll receive later on in the game. What you're left with is a champion that is pretty damn shallow and is nothing but a pathetic shadow of her former self. I kid you not, I have had mid laners literally **stand inside my miasma and laugh because the damage is that pathetic it's taunt worthy and I don't blame them.** When you have a champion who's poisons, which are core to the kit, are such a goddamn joke that the only threat they offer to your opponent is causing them to start choking on their sour patch kids because of how laughable the damage output is you know something is wrong. ____ **Cassiopeia is continually neglected. ** There is absolutely not debate here, this is the most **NEGLECTED REWORK EVER.** There have been countless ideas on how to improve Cassiopeia to make her overall a healthier champion and more fun experience in the game, but all of this has been neglected. Hilariously, even the person that reworked her has, for a majority of the rework, completely ignored her fan base and did whatever the hell he saw fit and had in his insane little mind. Why Riot has completely decided to abandon Cassiopeia for so long is beyond me, but I still find it pretty pathetic that they have done this to her player base when all we've asked for is someone to fucking look at her and fix the problems we list over and over. Is that so much to ask for Riot? A champion we've grown attached to and purchased every skin for, enjoyed countless hours on, and crafted memories with to simply be made somewhat viable again and less of a colossal piss off whenever you play her? ____ **Cassiopeia's rework was never called for. ** I personally cannot think of one time when anyone ever has stated that Cassiopeia needs a rework, literally whenever I would ask someone what they would change about Cassiopeia (pre-rework anyway) I would always get a reply along the lines of QOL changes, fixing her ultimate, and maybe making miasma a little bigger so its somewhat more of a threat in large team fights. But nonetheless, I've **never heard anyone say that Cassiopeia needed a rework** and now that I think about it I believe that Cassiopeia, pre rework, was probably one champion that was one of the most least complained mid laners in the game if not the most. This rework was a colossal turd that was melded into a rework and presented to us as if we are suppose to take it seriously and just live with it, but I can't do that anymore. ____ **Riot, it's time to give Cassiopeia a full relaunch or either revert her back to her pre-rework state and work from there. ** You don't think her play style is healthy? Fine, relaunch her into something entirely different as long as she keeps debilitation in her kit I won't mind but keeping this piece of trash in the game is blatant disrespect to her fans and a slap in the face to anyone that has loved Cassiopeia since release. Sincerely, A disappointed Cassiopeia player.
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