Yorick nerf compared to Garen nerf

Balance team : We will hit the core of {{champion:83}} kit which is his ghouls. Same Balance team : We will just decrease some of {{champion:86}} Q damage but not touch his core kit either in his stupid tenacity and damage reduction on W or his passive post level 11. I will tell you what is wrong with low elo , it not {{champion:83}} damage cause low elo people know that {{champion:58}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:240}} stomp him in lane. Their problem that they try to 5 man push mid and failing over and over while leaving {{champion:83}} pushing top lane freely without any true counter to that in mid push or stopping him top. But again you are the worst balance team, you just decrease some champion Q damage while his problem is his W and passive while other get direct hit into his core kit just cause people can't handle split pushing that not related to his core kit.

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