Yi did 1750 true dmg in half a second to me.

And I was playing vlad with hextech, rylais and morello. So I had some good health and I didn't even have the chance to press EW, because I died so fast. Every day I say "oh those were just bad teams, won't happen again" and every day I win lane and lose game cuz some dumb no skill champ got fed off of my team. And that's just yi. Imagine a good champ with conqueror or whoever the fuck actually, because riot decided this game will become a coin flip street fighter. I'm not even mad anymore, I'm just disappointed how riot ignores completely everyone for the sake of profit. That's the only logical explanation as to why are they adding more and more dmg into the game and making them a 10-15 mins game over. Ahhh, whatever.
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