Why did you take away Thresh's long Q cooldown?

I just played a game against a thresh and he just kept being able to hook over and over. I even started to time it, he had somewhere like a 4-5 second cooldown on his hook, may have been even shorter, it's just thats what i been noting about how long between uses. I used to be able to play against him, I could think to myself "Ok, Thresh missed his Q, I can now get some shots in unless he wants to blow summoners or something." Teamfight breaks out, he uses Q 3 times within 10-11 seconds, hooking 3 separate people. I'm sitting there dumbfounded. I been playing since 2009 and thus been playing with thresh since release, the hell is this crap you wrought upon us? Why would you give a hook character no cooldown on their hook!? I have to put him on perma ban status now purely for this reason, now I have to play either morgana or ban him, and that's no fun if that's your only counterplay! And no I wasn't the one getting hooked, it was my ADC, I even told them use the damn minions for cover, but NOPE. But even the few times he did miss, he would just up and do it again with no window for counterplay. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?
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