Just had a guy literally run down mid over and over

But he typed nothing but "positive" things in chat, so despite quite literally inting (not figuratively using this word, like he was just dying a lot, he was actually running it down lanes feeding kills on purpose.) absolutely nothing will be done. He also said in all chat he was going to report our team for 'harassment' despite none of us saying a single word to him the entire game besides "please stop trolling". Great report system encouraging and rewarding trolling, inting, and otherwise ruining games for people but that's ok cause you will protect them from people who are frustrated at them for doing that. Dunno why these people are literally protected by Riot, unless of course they make front page on reddit, since that is the only way for any of them to get punishment. Thought I could just log in and have a nice game before going to sleep, but of course I had to get trolled since it's passively encouraged by Riot with this punishment system, so why not right?
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