Bronze tips

B5 to b4 if you can carry the game do it , most dont know what objectives are or take towers or who to gank B3 is like troll hell , b2 gets easy some know what to do and how to their role or hold up till a certain time limit and lose or win it b1 is like base race on your way to silver , one or 2 mistakes or go toxic is like GG troll is punish by any elo If you'r the kind of player ADC that hates to die once and go troll and blame your support GG all 4 players report for penalty any laners that are more than 3 deaths and still go in for 1 v1 and dies continuesly also troll they are on tilt meanwhile enemy champ is 4/0 help top lane pls , dont't be an ASS and make a fool outa yourself , and better know the situacions before you enter RANKED if you play for fun do it in blind any if you wanna fo for the real deal RANKED Is league on a whole different level {{champion:17}}
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