Can people stop claiming that Cooldown Reduction is the cause of the high damage meta?

Im not saying that there isnt too much CDR in the game but If you take even one minute to think about it logically instead of just regurgitating something you read on Reddit its pretty obvious that CDR is not the cause or significantly contributing to the damage meta. 1. When people say damage is too high they mean burst damage. Aka damage that occurs in a short period of time usually 1-3 seconds. CDR does NOT increase burst damage for the vast majority of champions, it increases sustained damage. Basic math tells you that most champions even with high CDR cannot recast the same ability within that 1-3 second window. 2. Games are snowballing and ending more quickly meaning people dont even reach 40% CDR most of the time since it requires multiple items. No one buys {{item:3158}} and it results in you dealing less damage if you're a mage so using this item to suggest people cap CDR early is bs. 3. Damage is high at ALL points in the game including early game when people have 0% CDR or mid game when they have lower amounts.
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