Ivern's Build Path is in Danger

Dear Riot, With the upcoming changes to support items (Only taking a jungle or support item) i worry about how it will affect Ivern. Considering that the current Jungle Items enchants (Warrior, Cinderhulk, Runic Echos & Bloodrazer) are solely based around combat effectiveness it leaves ivern in a bit of a sad state. Players are forced into a situation where he needs Hunters's Talisman for the bonus exp in jungle but are buying Frost Queens Claim or Eye of the Watcher for the effectiveness they need as a supportive jungler that another champion would otherwise would get from a jungle enchanted item. The current problems that the jungle enchants have in relation to Ivern's kit in my opinion are as follows. **Warrior** - The only benefit Ivern gets from taking this is the CDR the AD is otherwise useless on him considering he is 100% AP Scaling. Doesn't Fit Ivern's Kit. **Bloodrazor** - Is very neesh and is only used by a few junglers who's kits only revolve around auto attacking. Ivern's kit isn't based around his w passive but instead protecting his allies making the Attack Speed based enchant a dead purchase. Doesn't fit Ivern's Kit. **Cinderhulk** - The problem with this is that Ivern doesn't build nearly tanky enough to get enough use out of the % bonus HP or the AOE damage passive considering he will most likely be oneshot if he jumps into the enemy team. HP is nice but the bonus HP doesn't scale well with his current build path and the AOE damage doesn't fit Ivern's Kit. **Runic Echos** - This is probably the most fitting item out of the four options, the AP helps to scale up his abilities and the % move speed is nice for getting around the map. The downside to this though is quite troublesome, Ivern can't Proc the "Echo" passive on jungle camps due to his passive "Friend of the Forest" which means he can't get the 15% miss mana back after it hit's a large monster. The big problem of runic echos on Ivern however is comparing it to Ardent Censer. Here are the stats. Runic Echos gives - 60 AP, 7% Movement Speed & a 60(+10% AP) magic damage proc + 2 Wards, Chilling Smite or Challenging Smite. It costs 2625g Ardent Censer gives - 60 AP, 8% Movement Speed, 50% mana regen, 10% CDR, 10% Heal & Shield Bonus & 10-30% Attack Speed + 5-20 on hit magic damage based on level for both you and your ally. It costs 2300g. Going forward into patch 8.2 i will probably be taking Tracker's Knife with the Runic echos enchant after i buy a Ardent Censer but i feel as though the loss of eye of the watcher or Frost Queens Claim is a big hit to Ivern's Gold generation considering he only gets 80g from Krugs instead of the 160g any other jungler would get and his vision control with the loss of 2 extra wards or the spooky ghosts. Please keep quirky champions in mind when moving forward with development of your game. I love this game and some of the more quirky champions you make and would hate to see them left by the way side as the game moves forward. Yours Faithfully Noxxi "Hunters on the prowl! Run and hide!" - The Green Father
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