For you people.

As a Jungle Main I have faced many ALLIES that have been telling me to gank them over and over and over. I don't, it's obvious. If they can't deal with it there is no reason to join in unless you have to. Eventually yes i do gank the losing annoying lane at least twice. Counter ganks happen rarely early game when I play (I blame myself 25% of the time, sorry). When I gank and it goes successful and they keep dying after and keep asking for ganks. I ignore them and help other lanes. Note: Your jungler is not your Bodyguard, or Meat Tank, or a person to take your anger out on. If you say that Junglers only gank and farm and nothing else you are wrong.So what if they're new? They still probably do better than you at jungle (Maybe). Jungler Mains have experienced the same thing hundreds maybe even thousands of times. Yet you don't know what they've been through. Stop playing Mid or Top or Bot (Gotta love good Supports) And play jungle for at least 30 or 50 games. ALSO DO IT IN RANKED. It'll give you a better feeling on what we have been through. Now yes so what if you check my and see that i've only played like 300 games in the jungle and is a Master Yi main and I'm in Platnium 5. I play non-meta champs most of the time and "meta" champions when my champions have been banned. Remember: Your jungler is not your mom, she doesn't feed you. You feed yourself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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