What happened to the game?

I remember when I used to have fun almost every game. When I could CHOOSE who to play despite the meta. Then season 8 rolls in and if I don't choose what's meta I will get stomped to the curb. I mean you could have 2 exact players with the same skill, but whoever chooses the meta champ will win because the meta champs right now are 10x the reward for 10x less the effort or skill needed. And the meta always existed but it has never been this strong to the point where trying to play non-meta champs that are non S or A tier champs actually made you lose the game. Half of the champs in the game aren't even really played at all.It's mostly the same champs every game. And whichever team gets a player who actually wants to play a champion they love they start at a disadvantage. Now I'm forced to play meta picks like noct even though half of them are boring 1 shotting assassins, but guess what I can't really stray away from that or I'll get rekt. Lastly I do admit at first it was fun, but never felt rewarding "wow I just climbed in elo" but not because I got any better, because the champs got easier. I don't feel like i'm really getting better I used to learn when,why , and how to do things to get better but now it's get fed run it down mid to end. it's not "omg I outplayed this 10/0 jhin" - "it's I pressed R then qe on a semi-fed nocturne and 1 shotted him"
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