Solution to the problem of leavers and AFKs ruining players' PROMOs.

#The problem: By now everybody should be familiar with the story. A player is in promos, and they lose their shot at promoting to the next division because somebody AFK's / DC's and costs them the match. #Why it hasn't been solved yet: The main reason RIOT has not done anything about it is because any system that saves a player's teammates from LP loss when that player ruins the game would be abused by duo-queues - leaving or going AFK to save their partner (or buddies if flex queue) from losing LP when they know the game is going to be lost already. #A New Hope: What if RIOT implemented a system that blocks a player from queuing up for ranked with any other players if they have had a queue-partner DC or AFK in the past * < X > hours or * < Y > games? This would prevent duo-queues from using leaving and AFK-ing to save one another from LP loss, and it would make it possible to begin protecting players from losing PROMOs because of a teammate DC-ing or going AFK. _**Please feel free to discuss below.**_
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