@Riot I already dodge when a tahm kench is locked in on my team

If these changes go through, that includes a screenshot and an intentional feeding report submitted to support within 10 minutes. I used to enjoy playing the fish, but when he's at 42% win rate maximum, all his interesting and entertaining mechanics have already been removed, and you decide he needs more nerfs gutting his w both offensively and defensively and his r, removing his very last mechanic in flash w, and making pressing w and picking tahm kench actually hard intentionally feeding. Is this because he is "clearly over the edge" and not a "western phenomenon"? it's just not worth it anymore. Just delete the champion already because it hurts to see him this far in the dumpster. He is already second worst support on op.gg. Only barely beating out a genuine troll pick of Miss Fortune. This kind of "balancing" is just straight up unacceptable
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