Anyone else wish Riot built upon the rework of Rengar instead of reverting him?

The rework was done to accomplish the goal of making assassins spend more time to kill you instead of instantly killing you. Rengar players couldn't adjust and I think there were a few bugs (unsure really) so just said the champion was dead due to being unable to delete a champion in .1 seconds like old rengar was able to. A tanky bruiser rengar formed out of it that I don't remember being oppressive gameplay wise. I wish riot just adjusted him to make him still an assassin and have to build as an assassin but keep what they did. They reverted him back to his easy and unfun solo Q playstyle of 1 shotting everyone once he gets even slightly ahead. On top of that, now Rengar a crazy heal/cleanse on his W which he didn't have before the rework. I feel like ever since then we've slowly just been getting a meta of "can your champion delete this champion? No? then your champion is dog shit" meta. I was really liking Riot's old design philoshopy going into assassins again and making them more utility based on top of a lot of raw damage. But now it's just damage damage damage dash and some type of crazy survivability in their kit. Now we get told by Riot "Champions like Rengar are good for League of Legends" (this was something said by a rioter but I forget who in all honesty). So yeah... What are you thoughts?
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