ever had this happen to you?

your team is getting stomped 5-20 by 15 minutes, and you say FF at 20, there's no point in trying to drag this out. then 20 minutes rolls by and BOOM 2 no votes. riot wonders why there's a toxicity problem. the people with knowledge on this game generally know when a game is lost and when a game can be turned around. if the score is 5-20 by 15 minutes, barring some miracle or the team not knowing how to end(which is NEVER the case outside of bronze/silver) the game's lost. these people who KNOW that unless some miracle shit happens the game is pretty much over, then get extremely pissed because the 2 idiots with 2 kills a piece think they can suddenly carry a game or that its somehow winnable. these people then stall the game for as long as possible refusing to surrender only for everyone to continue trying to win, JUST to lose a 35 minute game instead of a 20 minute one. people get toxic in THESE situations because they're forced into two decisions. either A) AFK, and be punished with a leaver queue/LP loss, or B) sit in a game that is obviously not fun and continue to get stomped because idiots dont know when to ff. when you're stuck with those choices, most people go with B and guess what? they're pissed. someone is now not only making the game crappy for them (enemy team) but ALSO someone is denying surrenders and forcing them to stay in said crappy game. you can bet your ass i get toxic when a game is an obvious stomp in the enemy's favor and my team refuses to surr. and its usually out of spite because they think the loss is someone else's fault anyway.

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