The smite meta is getting ridiculous

So I just had this game where the entire team had smite.. you know when in loading screen you kinda chuckle because back in the days, if you took smite in lane it automatically meant you were severely gimping your dueling potential. Now add Challenging smite to the champion. So now they get a free 20% damage reduction for a whopping 4 seconds. But no good sir, I have ignite! I will still outduel them! Nope, they get a free 54 + 6 × level true damage over 3 seconds while trading. That means that after 2 or 3 auto's they have already outdamaged your ignite. But ignite has much lower cooldown than challenging smite! Oh wait, 210 seconds cooldown vs 75 seconds. But they have put 850 gold into a useless lane item!! Again wrong, the smiter just goes to the jungle and smites a camp, going into lane with a level advantage. Perhaps recall early and miss a couple CS but with XP and gold advantage. They can do this whenever they go back to buy. Then enter the final nail in the coffin.. {{item:3931}} . This item (when stacked) is so broken it's beyond ridiculous already. Of course Riot will never admit that but that doesn't make it less true. Every champion is balanced around numbers and they just release this item without even considering the consequences. Champions like {{champion:105}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} aren't supposed to proc their on hit counters so often. To add insult to injury they even gave it a magic damage proc. So champions like {{champion:105}} {{champion:67}} can just kill you in 4 autos with no itemization to counter it. It just means I dodge queue every time I see these champions because it's getting out of hand. So please Riot fix this mess :S
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