Seriously. The only people who were complaining about ARAM bans were people with ARAM accounts.

Why on earth would you remove literally THE BEST addition to ARAM you added? Ever?! Legit the only thing that could have made this better was if you did the one thing that every single person has been begging for. To have all champions unlocked when you play ARAM. Bans and all champions unlocked = perfect ARAM. Yet for some reason you decided to remove it. Why!? Because of the folks that loved getting Veigar 10 times in a row were whining over it!? I'm sorry, I hated playing vs ether Xerath, Fiddlesticks, Veigar and Lux every SINGLE game. I play ARAM way more than I do any other mode and honestly I was just getting sick of seeing the same god tier champions over and over and over again. But then you added bans and I was in seventh heaven. The very first match I played after the bans were removed? This was on the other team. Seriously can you please stop catering to ARAM accounts? Ether you're going to actively try to shut down those kind of accounts or you're not. Removing banned champions is 100% catering to those accounts.

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