Is it safe to say now that the ADC rework was a complete and utter failure?

Just like pretty much every other 'class rework' Riot has done over the last couple of years? - Goal to increase diversity in bot occurred initially but has now reverted back to ADCS 100% of the time. Failure. - Failed to make all ADCs viable, just switched out what the 'op' ADCs are. ( not equally strong, but have some niche where they can get picked and have success) - Goal to reduce early power spike by ADC's is a failure due to Stormrazor - Goal to reduce ADC damage to squishes is a massive failure. ADC's like Jhin, Kai'sa and MF still 2-3 shotting squishy champions. - Goal to increase cost of ADCs items occurred initially and then Riot decided to basically reduce them back to their previous super low values as a buff. - Introduced a bunch of broken items that are abused by non ADCs

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